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All cosplay and fine art posts can be found within my Instagrams. Images of cosplay and fine arts are slowly being posted to this site.

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About this Site

Hello Everyone!

This site is set up a bit differently than most. It is split between the following categories: Fine Arts and Cosplay. Each tab up above holds information for each subject including ways to follow and support in many ways.


Wanna Support?

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Just wanna donate? Then Ko-fi is the place for that. Here you can donate up to $3.00 US dollars or more! Each donation will get you a shoutout on my instagram story along with a sweet thank you! However if you want more exclusive things or rather pay for an item through this then go on right ahead! Just leave a note.

*No nudes or porn, just lewd or sexy images that I deem inappropriate for other platforms

Want to do more than just donate one time? Also want to see all my posts before anyone else and even EXCLUSIVE images? Then this is the platform for you! On here you will get exclusive access to certain cosplays, tutorials, videos, and other announcements! Also all my 18+ (*) photo sessions will be posted only on here so please you’ve been warned! *No nudes or porn, just lewd or sexy images that I deem inappropriate for other platforms

Seen my aesthetic images that are related to my cosplay? Want a print? Cup? Shower Curtain? or even a bed sheet? Then this platform is the place. I only will post images that I deem general and have no other materials put towards it. These images are only taken with my camera, A7riii, and not my film camera. Prints from my film camera are on the art tab and are up for a higher price.

If you’d like to help but don’t want to donate money then there is another option which is to purchase the items on the wish list! If you do then I’ll send you a pic before posting the image on any social media. This is a collection of all wish list items such as figures, computer accessories, things for my camera specifically, and more.

The social media platform that I post to on a regular schedual along with my Ko-fi and Patreon Pages! If you wanna help then hit that follow button and join in on my purrfect kingdom!

The social media platform where I post my fine art images and more. Please understand this may change in the future and if so I will post within both my stories and feed to all.

Wanna pin ideas and share all over the world? Then this may be the best place to follow me. Just be aware I don’t post to this often and many board of mines are kept private but its a great place to see all the behind images and more!

Wanna see just random posts? Then follow this platform! Just be aware I really don’t post to it….I mainly just have it because I have to for the business account on Instagram

This links you to what I am selling! There is a variety of cosplay props ranging from completed, 3D files, and those pesky LEDs. Just give it a look through and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

Just want a print to hang on your wall? Then this is the link you’ll wanna follow! These are only of my cosplays and sometimes my group images.