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Why is this split?

Mainly cause to save money, but also cause it’s easier. My two passions in life (Art and Cosplay) I keep in a constant balance. If it becomes an issue down the road I may split the website up but it also is a great way to showcase all my talents. I use skills from each creative outlet to help each other. Overall each passions are separated via tab so that it’s easier for people to follow and find information.

Why do I not have my own store?

I am currently working on that. I have so many ideas and implications however, it requires money to start it up. So till then its easier to keep things on the down low and use these platforms instead (Patreon, Ko-fi, and Society6). There is a master list though of everything I sell which can be found by clicking the link down bellow.

Guest Appearance?

Want me to appear at a function? Then please message me or tag me in the official postcard or ad! Also tell the con staff (if its a con) cause if I get a ton of request then I’ll be an official guest there! Otherwise just pay attention to all my social media outlets to keep track of where I may be next.

Are we allowed to send fan mail?

Short answer, no. I am not free to receive anything right this second mainly due to space but if you tag me I would love to see fan art or art that you’ve created from my own (via inspired). This may change down the road when I am more settled down in life but till then, nah, sorry.

Do you have an Amazon wish list?

Yes! If you’d like to support and view it the link is bellow

How do I ask a question?

You can either reach my via the contact page through here or on my social media platforms! However, I only check my instagram, Ko-fi, and Patreon pages regularly.