Shipping & Returns

Shipping Domestic or International

Shipping is not included in any item unless it is a reward from the pattern tier or a bulk order (please pm me on my instagram to talk about details). Please understand that this is a small business and doing free shipping is not a realistic option at this time. Each shipped item will be documented upon boxing and sending out with insurance (if the cost of the items are over $50.00) and a tracking number.


Returns for the most part are not tolerated. The reason being is that most items I sell are made to order, custom, or are prints. If the item is lost in mail please provide the tracking number, there is not much to do in that situation except to wait to see if it is mailed back to me or to you.* If there is an issue such as damage upon arrived from the postal service OR the wrong item was shipped to you please following the steps bellow.

  • For returns to be processed please do the following:

  • Take a photo of the damaged product

  • Take a photo of the shipped box

  • Take a photo of the shipping label

  • Please also send me a detailed description of what happened

  • IF the postal service is at fault that will be a dispute (customer and commissioner versus the mailing service)

    Also please reframe from posting on social media before the issue is handled.

    *If it’s been over 3 months and your package has not arrived please send me pm me to discuss further details.