Store List

Below is a list of items that are for sell. These items only be bought via through description method on Ko-fi or through messaging me.

Links to other stores to purchase my other prints please click on the button below.



Cosplay Prints!

Any prints you’ve seen on instagram, Ko-fi, or Patreon is up for sale. All you have to do is go to this page and select which one you’d want along with size.

Sewing Patterns

Patterns may need to be adjusted but will work for most who are near 5”-5”4’ if 4-way stretch fabric is being used. All of these are a PDF sent via email (one time), can be printed on a regular printer. PM me which of the patterns you would like to have.

Please do not resale.

Body suit: $5
Dress: $2
KDA: $5
Beth Tezuca: $5
Monster Hunter: $10
Luna: $5
Uryuu Minene: $5
Princess Tutu: $10 (please understand that you may need to change the size depending on what you are comftable with.
Chobits: $10
Mew Ichigo: $10
Harley Quinn SS: $10



Tokyo Mew Mew Power Pendent

This is a custom made resin pendent. Inside is a bit of glitter while red paint (encased) between 2 layers of resin. This pendent can be made to glow with LEDs (extra cost of $15 USA), have a darker gold background (no extra charge), or can have an eyelet placed on its back so it can be threaded on the Tokyo Mew Mew choker (extra cost of $3).

This item is made to order.

Regular Price $15 USA
With LEDs $35 USA
With Eyelet $3 USA

Honey Lemon Chemical Balls

Honey Lemon Chemical Balls are her purse is a must for any cosplayer. As such I gave these little guys as much attention as the rest of her out fit. Bellow I have several different options. Please remember that these balls are made to be sewn on the purse belt. You can either get the original 3D file, the actual print, or the resin ball. Please refer to the information beside the pricing.

All prints are made to order.
Please also state which form you’d like plain or bear.
3D file $5 USA
Print Solid for 9 balls $30 USA
Print Transparent for 9 balls $50 USA
Resin for 1 ball $35 USA

Honey Lemon Helment

Honey Lemon Helment was a bit of a difficult challenge mainly cause I wanted to include a few different aspects within: LEDs and a intercom interface.
Because of the added aspects I will include the link to the intercom interface I used which can pair up bluetooth to your phone:
Chart on how to measure your head correctly!
Instructions to add foam inside for comfort

All prints are made to order.
Please send me your head measurements
3D file $15
Solid Print $100
Print with Transparent elements $150
Color Changing Solid Print $200
Color Changing Print w/ transparent elements $250