Full List of Cosplays

Here is a nice view of all the cosplays I have done! There is also links to tutorials and a list of the materials used. The rest of the images can be seen on my instagram, ko-fi, or patreon! All content can be though unlocked via by becoming a monthly member of Patreon as low as $1 per a month. *Most fabrics I purchase is via at Joanns or the online store fabric wholesale direct


Tokyo Mew Mew, Mew Ichigo

This project was my first in the year 2019! Overall this one holds a special place in my heart since this was one of the first anime I watched by myself haha. It is also during this time that I had to say goodbye to my best friend and guardian, Zee, because of this, this cosplay is made in dedication to my cat Zee. I debute this cosplay at Momo-Con 2019.


Material List

  • 3 yards of light pink fabric

  • 3 yard of lace

  • 1 small petticoat

  • 3 yards tulle

  • 3.5 yards red lace

  • 1 yard dark pink fabric

  • 1 invisible zipper

  • 2 fuzzy tail things

  • 1 bell

  • 1 heart shaped foam

  • 1/2 yard red fabric

  • 1/2 yard black fur

  • Worbla and foam


  • Makeup

  • How to make the tail

  • How to make the pendent

  • How to make ears

  • How to dye a wig


  • Pendent (necklace)

  • Pendent (glove)

  • Gem (strawberry bell)

  • Pattern (whole outfit)

Big Hero 6, Honey Lemon

This cosplay was my second one in 2019. I mainly did this cosplay cause I love the movie and the pairing of Tadashi and Honey. This involves heavy 3D printing, LEDs, and resin. Overall I was super happy with how she turned out. I did do a few artistic choices mainly cause finding the actual fabric colors was a bit hard.


Material List

  • 3 yards dark pink fabric

  • 2.5 yards of light pink fabric

  • 1 Cricut Sportflex Orange

  • 2 packets of light pink bias tape

  • 1 roll of foam

  • 2 yards red fabric

  • 1 roll warble


  • Makeup

  • How to make the armor

  • How to make the bag

  • Cell Phone Case


  • Chemical Balls

  • Pattern (Dress)

  • Helmet

  • Cell Phone Case


Princess Tutu, Kraehe

This was a cosplay I did with my friend and I did it kind of budget friendly due to how many I had lined up for Momo-Con 2019. Overall though I am super happy with how it turned out and all of the artistic choices I made. Towards the end of making this cosplay, it unfortunately turned into a micro cosplay (due to a car crash 5 days before the con), but I do plan to revamp her up and do more down the future.


Material List

  • 3 yards feathers

  • 1 bag of feathers

  • Tutu

  • Metal hoop

  • 1/2 yard of black fabric

  • Worbla


  • How to make a pancake tutu

Monster Hunter, Mizutsune Armor

This was a cosplay I did with my friends as a small group! I chose this specific monster form from the game mainly cause it meant I didn’t have to use foam for the whole outfit. Foam armor is something that I am still learning to do plus the feeling of glue on my hands has always bothered me. Overall though I did try to design the pattern and outfit based on Japanese culture and their clothing. So the top is made to mimic the yukata design while the bottoms are designed after the hakama pants. However I did kind of cheap a the obi and made it as one whole piece so that I could put it on and off faster. The back of the obi has a corset lacing so that if I were to gain or loose weight it can conform to my body still. Most of this cosplay is made from hand painting so it took quite a good amount of time to construct. For me personally this cosplay was a challenge due to how labor intensive it was to put together and matching colors. Towards the end of this cosplay I did hand dye the fur to give it a more unique look and to have more depth to it.


Material List

  • 4 yards of white cotton fabric

  • 4 yards of burgundy cotton fabric

  • 1 yard and 1/2 of fur

  • 2 pots of 2 fl oz, Lumiere Jacquard Pearlescent Magenta mixed with a pastel pink

  • 1 pot of 2 fl oz, Lumiere Jacquard Pearlescent Bright Gold

  • 1 small tube of red paint (matte)

  • 2 rolls of 5 yards each of red string

  • 1 rolls of 5 yards of white string

  • 1 roll of thick foam

  • 1 roll of 2mm foam

  • Veltro

  • Contact Cement

  • Eyelets (more then 30)


  • How to dye fur


League of Legends, Ahri, KDA

This cosplay was done in junction with my friend @riaparker. Overall this was a bit of a project of a cosplay mainly do to the outfit itself. I personally used a bra and covered it with the correct fabric before then adding in the correct designs. I also debated on how to do the tail. Originally I was gonna use the Stella Chu tutorial on her tail (which looks amazing) but I know I have limited storage. So I personally took up the challenge to make an inflatable tail.


Material List

  • 1 push-up bra

  • 1 yard black fabric

  • 1 yard white fabric

  • 1 zipper (black)

My Hero Academia, Nana Shimura

This was a bit of a last minute cosplay for my group of friends at Momo-Con 2019. I was planning to do Floppy but do to time and how much I was traveling I wasn’t able to finish her. However, cause of a car accident I did not wear her, so the images on her are from when I got back from the con a few days later. Overall this was a fairly easy cosplay but cause of the fabric I was using I had a few issues, mainly with the black fabric. If I were to do this again I would switch to another fabric. Remember to always get test strips of fabric to make sure that you have the right sewing feet for your machine and to test the strength and durability of the fabric.


Material List

  • 2 yards black fabric

  • 1/2 yard of red fabric

  • Small piece of foam

  • Worbla (if wanted)

  • Gold paint or fabric (less then 1/2 yard)

  • 1 yard white fabric

  • 1/2 yard of yellow fabric



Micro Cosplay, Arriety

This was just a fun little cosplay to celebrate the summer and all the pretty flower around me. She was done during 2019 after Momo-Con as a source of inspiration and as a stress relief fun project.


Material List

  • 1 yard red fabric

  • 1 styrofoam ball

  • 1 thin dowel

  • Metallic paint or tape (either works)

  • 1 clip (can buy and mold or 3D print)

Micro Cosplay, Bee and Puppycat, Bee regular outfit

This is a down played version of Bee mainly cause she is made of fleece and the skirt I can still use with my regular clothing. The top itself is super soft and comfy and easy to wear. Mainly made just cause I like the pink fabric and I wanted a comfy con-sweater.


Material List

  • 1 yard yellow fabric (I used fleece cause why not)

  • 1 yard pink fabric (for the skirt)

  • 1 piece of felt for each color (yellow, white, and black)

    • you can embroider the bee if you want instead

    • you can print it out of fabric and sew it on

  • Glue…unless you wanna sew on the bee

Micro Cosplay, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Kida