Artist Statement

I do not need to express my feelings and emotions with my voice but rather with what I create with my hands. As a student I have always explored and loved experimenting in multiple art media (photography, painting, ceramics, fibers and more), pushing what knowledge I have been given into something more. My personal philosophy or drive within my artwork is the “what if’s” and the “is it possible,” the emotional drive, and seeing the final product at the end.  It is the expression, interpretation, the inner healing, and the creativity which is why I love art and I wish to express those feelings further within my own pieces.

An example of my thinking of “what if’s” and the “is it possible” would be with photography; Although a single silver- gelatin print can convey an array of emotions, I wish to strengthen those feelings by adding layers of mixed media to the piece. Thus transforming this medium into something more powerful and meaningful. This can also be seen throughout my other works of art such as fibers, photography, and painting. 

Although it is my ultimate goal for the viewer to understand and see the emotions surrounding growing concerns such as emotional abuse or animal neglect, I still wish to include something that deals more with myself in the works, typically shown within a singular subject matter told in a story like way. So, similar to other artists who have influenced my work in some shape way or form, I am trying to give my artwork a more personal approach and vision that allows it to be distinguished from other artists in the art community while also bringing more awareness to the topic at hand. In doing so I am keeping concepts more confined, trying new techniques within areas that I already work in, and pushing the knowledge even further while trying to reach out toward a larger audience. 

Sense_Of_Place,Detail (1).jpg