3D Printing


This is an overview on 3D printing. On this page It covers the 3D printer that I use, the different types of filament, and the programs that I use. Please understand that I am not a professional at any means. I have learned from my friend Ria Parker (@itsriaparker) and also through experimenting.

If you’d like to commission a piece from me please send me a detailed email and I can give you a quota.

3D Printer

So after debating and seeing what a 3D printer and do I decided to get one. To make things easier on my I got the same model as my friend. The reason being why is so that I can print multiple things off at once, have a large enough space, and that I have someone I can ask for help when things go wrong.

The printer that we both have is the Geeetech A30 model (LINK) . This is the older version, not the 2 head printer. Although I did want the 2 headed printer it was not within the budget plus I prefer to paint the actual prints myself.


So this is the basic list of filament that I’ve used. Please understand that when choosing filament you need to see what size your printer can take and if it can work with that material. Most of what I use pretty basic stuff.

  • Transparent Filament

  • Color Changing Filament

  • Ninja Flex Filament

  • Solid Color Filament (White*)

    *I normally only order white cause its a good solid base color and its easy to paint over.


So learning the programs was probably the hardest thing for me since I never really worked with 3D models aside from in the SIMs games which doesn’t help. I will say that when working with it you’ll probably want a mouse with a scroll roller on it (not the dumb apple mouse). The programs that I use are free, however, those that can be bought can do so much more. So if you are willing to invest the money and time to learn the programs then I would seriously say buy the programs.

This is a free program that will allow you to do 3D designs. It is a good program to start learning on and seeing what can be done. Because this is a free site it doesn’t offer a ton of different shapes or abilities but with enough patience and time you can create some amazing things such as Honey Lemon Purse.



There is also other sites were you can download the files for free. However please read the instructions on what they allow and don’t.